Year-End Geekery

I was kind of in Tolkien mode tonight because my in-laws came over for some fellowship since my family is also visiting and they don’t get to see them often. My two sisters-in-law that are still at home recently went to The Hobbit and we gave them the soundtrack for Christmas. We agreed in not really liking the song at the credits, they because of course no one sings The Misty Mountains part like Richard Armitage, and me because somehow it reminded me of the theme song to The Last Unicorn and I couldn’t hear it without thinking of the association. That, of course, seriously dated me. These girls weren’t born until about 12 years after The Last Unicorn came out! So they gave me blank stares. And so I pulled up the TLU theme song on an iTunes preview to see if it existed. It did, and I think it sounded better in the ’80s. Then I asked my parents if they remembered The Last Unicorn. They said, “barely,” or “We’ve tried to forget the silly movies we used to watch.” Amen to that, of course. I recall seeing clips of TLU while I was in college and going off to do other more reasonable things with my life that evening. But still it bugged me somewhat that no one seemed to remember the song, so I found it on YouTube and e-mailed it to my sister in a last ditch effort to make sure I wasn’t the only member of my family who watched that movie between 1986-1988. I think now maybe I was, although everyone does seem to remember it shared the same VHS tape as Return of the Jedi, and the beginning of TLU cut off Jedi‘s credits and the very end of the now obsolete Ewok song and the original Anakin’s main appearance.

I am really “showing my age” aren’t I? 🙂 VHS? Holy cow!

Then, still under the influence of this fey nostalgic mood, I recalled another random movie of my childhood and tried to see if Condorman was available for free streaming. It wasn’t, and I did not feel like actually paying money to rent it. So that ended my 1980s reminisce and to everyone’s relief I went back to Tolkien stuff.

Whereupon I found this for my husband:


The incredibly detailed article behind this can be found here.  It totally looks like something Haus Meister would write out for me, and I daresay he will understand it much more than I do. That does not take much; math is not my forte. 😉

I believe everyone will be happier, and less concerned for my sanity, if I go back to my knitting now.

Or maybe, I should just get some sleep.

10 thoughts on “Year-End Geekery

  1. Oh, I remember that 80s attempt at a fairy tale. It always left me feeling a little depressed, probably because she doesn’t get the prince in the end, what is that?;)

  2. I laughed while reading the article when the author wrote: “I think it is safe to assume it is an incandescent light bulb. Sauron most likely care very little for the environment and energy efficiency and will not have thought of LED or CFL.”

  3. Haha, totally. I don’t recall seeing any windmills surrounding Minas Morgul OR Orthanc either (though even they wouldn’t be dumb enough to try those). They couldn’t use solar energy because of the smoke and darkness… Lothlorien looked like it used solar lighting.

  4. Elven solar lighting: the natural power source for the Third Age!

    Interesting light scheme, but I’d prefer to visit the Shire candlemaker.

  5. Oh, and thanks to the Bruinen and the waterfalls around it, Rivendell used water power. Hat tip to Mom for that one.

  6. Yeah, maybe Edoras could do a little something with wind power seeing as they get pretty windy;), but I think they’d also do candles like the Shire. What about Gondor? Coal from the mountain? I could also see solar panels on some of those houses.

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