Yarn Along — I have no idea what I’m doing, but it’s fun!!!

Good morning! It’s 5 days until Christmas Eve and I’m just starting to feel like things are beginning to fall into place. Luckily for me, the Catholic Church celebrates Christmas until Epiphany (and in some calendars, until Feb. 2), so if Haus Meister’s hat isn’t done by next Tuesday morning, I’m good for a little while before it becomes a Valentine’s gift. 😉

Today’s progress report:

photo (36)

I can hear you saying, “Um, well, that’s nice, Haus Frau, but that isn’t much more than you showed us last week.” Ah, this is true, but the hat took a few twists and turns. First of all, it was bugging me that the previous pattern as written was not turning out a result anything like pictured. What was I missing? Going back to the Ravelry page for the project, I noticed errata corrections in the comment box and some of them were for steps further down–and an entire rewrite of the decrease section. Disillusioned, I frogged that project and tried to find another hat pattern. Haus Meister really wanted something with cables, which prompted me to reply with modified Star Wars quotes (YODA: The boy has no patience. OBI-WAN: He will learn patience).

ME: “She’s never done cables.” “She will learn cables.”

And boy, am I, because the pattern that appealed to both of us was the Koolhaas pattern from Ravelry. I was up for the challenge though, and if the man is sweet enough to bring me back tons of yarn while on a business trip, the least I can do is actually use the yarn and make him something he likes with it, right? I’ve found myself getting confused every now and again, and worried lest I just cabled left when I was supposed to cable right (especially if distracted by the show running on Netflix), and then I had to start over because it occurred to me that I had miscounted my cast-on stitches, but now all 104 are in place and I am having a blast working this pattern. I also love the yarn.

Reading this week: I finished Persuasion and then predictably went back to The Hobbitbeginning it again the day after Haus Meister and I went to see (and enjoyed) the movie of the same name.

I hope all of you are able to stop and savor these last few days of joyful anticipation before Christmas. God bless!

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