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I’ve always wanted to see a live performance of The Nutcracker, but it never seems to fall at a time that I can…yet. I have a daydream of going out with my daughters on a girls’ day out, getting tea at the local English tea room and then going to see the live performance at the local theatre. Or at least, going out for hot chocolate and then seeing the performance. Alas, that’s still a few years out. So in the meantime, we found that there were some versions we could stream for free on the computer! The family favorite right now is George Balanchine’s Nutcracker (which was somehow unavailable this morning. Uhoh). We skipped over the Arabian Dance since it was a leetle more than I wanted a 4yr old imitating–and she was imitating half the dances she saw–but otherwise everyone loves the production. The boys generally stay through the Mouse Fight and then are in and out after that, but even Miss M twirls to the music. It’s adorable.

Princess is also getting tons of mileage out of the ballerina dress I found this summer at a jumble sale.

Dancing with Daddy. Sunshine wore a tutu over her church dress and then left it out, allowing Miss M to abscond it and take over.

Dancing with Daddy. Sunshine wore a tutu over her church dress and then left it out, allowing Miss M to abscond it and take over.

And the ballerina dress she received for her doll on St. Nicholas Day.


Even Sunshine enjoyed a brief stint borrowing her sister’s gown. Until sister unleashed her redhead temper and I had to put the gown in time out for a while (oh, a dose of real there)



By now some of you who read my blog have heard of the Demise of the Christmas Goat. That wasn’t too happy. However, very opportunely no less than two Goats have arrived at the Haus to become part of our Christmas traditions.

First was this one, from my Mom for St. Nicholas Day. She found it through her Annalee collection catalog. I like how it has torn Santa’s boot already (yes, that’s intentional. My kids did not do it)


Then yesterday, quite unexpectedly, I receive a package from my cousin containing this fellow!


And there is much rejoicing in the Haus to have a straw goat that is not going to burn up! 😉 Thanks so much, Jill!


Miss M, would you like to try on your sister’s Lucia crown again? Maybe you can be our Lucia Queen this year.


Then again, maybe not.

Happy Funny

The St. Nicholas LEGOs gathered under the Advent tree on St. Nicholas Day … to hear Gandalf the Grey read a story?



The Force is strong with this one.


(Yes, her sleeper is on backward. Don’t ask.)

2 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. I’ve seen the Playmobil Advent calendars and they looked neat! However, since we already had LEGO in the house, we stuck with one group of small plastic pieces. 🙂

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