Yarn Along–In which I show that I did begin the Hat

Ah, another Wednesday. Fortunately I do have a little something to show for my knitting efforts this week. It hasn’t been as much as I could wish, but then again, welcome to Advent–the Season wherein Most of Us Put Unreasonable Expectations upon Ourselves.  I had hoped to do a little baking each day, too, but if I kept myself to that task, then I’m about six days behind. Quite frankly, the only goal I should have while baking is to save about half the batches to actually send to other people  before the kids find them.  Freezers are good for this sort of thing. 😉

But anyway, the knitting.

photo (34)

There it is! The hat brim! I have a great Work In Progress jar, don’t I? I found it at Victorian Trading Company some years ago. Until last month it was a pen and pencil jar, but I like it better for my yarn. It sits on top of my yarn-and-fabric cupboard. I’ll show you a better picture of that when I get it cleared off. 😉

As for reading, I took a darker turn and opened a few volumes of Poirot stories by Agatha Christie.  I like her Poirot stories and I do enjoy her mysteries, but unlike Jane Austen and P.G. Wodehouse I cannot read more than one or two of Dame Agatha’s works back-to-back. I did that one summer–read about 12 Agatha Christies in a row–and found myself suspecting my neighbors of dark designs and deep plots. So, Agatha Christie in moderation! I’m also reading Persuasion by Jane Austen at present.

Around the Haus we are enjoying a number of Christmas books. St. Nicholas brought no less than five when he visited last week, quite the variety.

St. Nicholas, the Real Story of the Christmas Legend

The Three Gifts of Christmas

The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey

Lucia, Saint of Light

Charlie and the Christmas Kitty

Dear little Miss M is nuts about this book, too, that has been in our Advent/Christmas box for a few years now.

Who is Coming to Our House?

So there we have it! Happy Wednesday, Happy Second Week of Advent, and Happy Hobbit-viewing to all of us who get to see it this weekend. 😉

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