Yarn Along–Yarn Shop Edition

Happy Advent! We have been slowly getting things out and ready, building the anticipation for Christmas. On the First Sunday, in his homily our priest mentioned how the anticipation for something is as important as the event itself. So it is with Advent. The anticipation around here is in high gear, let me tell you. Our Jesse Tree…well, stop by tomorrow and I’ll have pictures. Let’s just say it has become a conglomerate of scripture-based Jesse tree ornaments and then some others that the children add.

Meanwhile, this week’s project:

photo (33)

Advent page courtesy of Princess, who prefers pink candles to purple ones, naturally.

You’re thinking–but it’s just a big brown ball of yarn! And you’re absolutely correct, except that it is going to be Haus Meister’s hat this Christmas. I intend to cast on tonight. First I had to unwind the twisted hank into a ball because I work better that way. Then about 75% through the ball winding–I don’t have a yarn swift yet–I got the hank into a seemingly hopeless mess. So last night I finally got it all put together.

Haus Meister found this yarn for me in Canada when he was sent there on business last January. He was gone over my birthday so absolutely spoiled me by bringing back no less than twelve hanks of yarn from The Philosopher’s Wool. He was very impressed with their shop and sent me pictures on his phone from inside the store. Of course he considers himself kind of lucky that he has a wife so easy to please–just gift her some yarn and she’ll be happy! And of course he’s right. Yarn, buttons, pretty knitting needles…yep. He has it made. In case you’re curious, the hat for Haus Meister is their dark brown heather colorway and the rest of the yarn he brought me was in dark purple heather that was originally meant to be a shawl (see kit here) but I am hoping against hope to one day be skilled enough to make it into a sweater for myself…maybe something like the Aran for Anne from Jane Austen Knits Summer 2012.

image copyright Jane Austen knits and links to Ravelry's project page

image copyright Jane Austen knits and links to Ravelry’s project page

Haus Meister wants me to knit him the gentleman’s sweater (Aran for Frederick, Jane Austen Knits 2011). In gray, of course. He has faith in me to do this and I have the unquenchable ambition to give myself huge crafting goals. Not a bad combination and always interesting to see what actually does eventually come of it. 😉 Never mind that where we live, we might wear wool sweaters three times a winter. But hey, if we go to Indiana or if he gets sent back to Canada, we’ll need them. At times I do wish, though, that our winters here could sort of resemble this:


The Christmas Goat in Gavle, Sweden

But really, I like our neck of the woods. The locals wouldn’t know what to do with that much snow anyway. We practically call state of emergency on 2″ around here.

Anyway, last month Haus Meister was out on a job stateside and found a yarn shop on his route. I told him someday, when the kids are grown, I’ll just travel with him and bring along my needles. While he’s working I’ll just go find a yarn shop and have some fun! 😉   Anyway, on his way home from the job he called to inform me that he had his Christmas shopping done and that I would love it.  I was impressed that 1) he was done with my Christmas gifting before December 17, 2) that he had been able to stop at the yarn shop and 3) that although technically closed, someone was there doing bookkeeping and let my husband in to do some shopping. He sent me some pictures for kicks.


and this one that I’ll leave you with for laughs.


Oh. Ahem. As for reading, I confess I haven’t done much except flip through Christmas issues of Victoria and The English Home. Otherwise my evenings have been spent addressing Christmas cards while watching Haus Meister paint the living room or watching The Hunt for Red October…which isn’t Christmasey in the slightest, but we still enjoy it.

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