Got Nog?


I’ll never forget the look on Haus Meister’s face when he opened the refrigerator in the beginning of December, 2003. We had yet to celebrate our first married Christmas, and I blithely picked up some egg nog at the grocery store, not realizing that in his family they made a nice ritual of enjoying eggnog for the first time on Christmas Eve. However, Haus Meister had always wanted to enjoy eggnog a little more often so when I asked if it was okay that I had bought some, he grinned and said, “Of course!”  I think we scandalized his family at first, but we’ve done a good job over the last nine years incorporating family traditions and creating some of our own that our dropping the eggnog one is merely winked at by the other relatives. 😉

Fast forward to yesterday. I picked up some eggnog at the store mainly because I was getting a dinner ready for a family from church who had recently welcomed a new son to their family, a son with a name rather associated with Christmas and starts with N. 😉 I thought I’d add some yuletide cheer to their basket, and I also knew it would be futile to get nog and not have some for my crew. I put our bottle in the upstairs fridge and the other one in the downstairs’ one. I had to go down into the garage and secure some boxes that had arrived while I was out lest the kiddos sneak into them, and as I climbed back upstairs I was met at the top by Rascal, who was just finishing a large cup of a rather thick milk-like drink.

“What was THAT?!” He grinned. “It’s GOOD!

I gaped like a fish. I had expected to bring it out for Haus Meister after dinner and then give some to the kids. I hadn’t expected the Refrigerator Raiders to begin work quite so soon.

But now it has begun, and now I pretty much have to lock up the eggnog. “I’m thirsty; can I have some eggnog?” is one of the first things I heard this morning.

“No, it’s a special drink. We have it after dinner.”


Good thing it wasn’t the Christian Brothers variety. 😉

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