Disabled Unwanted

On Tuesday the Senate of the United States will vote to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Even though the United States goes above and beyond UN regulations in its laws for the protection of the disabled, the current administration is advocating that we do indeed ratify it.

I have already written about my disgust that it would provide every potential for parental rights of disabled children to be turned over to government bureaucrats if the government saw fit. Tonight I write about my disgust at the following:

There is an additional provision in this treaty that would require disabled persons to receive “reproductive health” services. This could grant the UN the ability to force America to provide abortions or sterilization to the disabled at taxpayer expense.

Say again?


Apparently the pro-choice agenda pushers are heavily lobbying for this. I find it ironic that the same people who put out the “Romney-Ryan wants to take away your right to choose” ads are now lobbying to take away that “right” from other people. After all, the UN treaty leaves a broad definition of “disabled.” Is it as broad, perhaps, as the Autism Spectrum, which covers everything from mild learning disabilities to severe autism? So, basically you have the right to choose in this country unless we deem you undesirable.

What is the definition of undesirable then? How broad is THAT category about to become.

This treaty goes way beyond providing wheelchair ramps for disabled Americans abroad. It should never become the law in our land–and it will once it is ratified. Please call your Senators now. If you don’t want to call, e-mail them. Here’s a link below.


3 thoughts on “Disabled Unwanted

  1. Reblogged this on Health News Letter and commented:
    “Health” & “Healthcare”… Heated issues of our day. The responsibility of your health is YOURS. Your children were created by the Creator of the Universe and placed in your hands, under your care and your responsibility. The government, local or worldwide, has NO business telling us who is worth living a quality life, EVER!

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