{Pretty, happy, funny, real}


I wanted to get a picture of this before it comes down this weekend to make room for our Advent tree. 🙂 This was our “thankful wall.” Last year I had high ambitions for copying other people’s ideas and make an actual tree on the wall out of brown construction paper and then add a leaf every day. Well, two days in the toddlers had ripped half the tree off the wall. So this time I cut out leaves and the kids and I came up with ideas on most of the days this month and then I taped them to the wall, out of reach of the toddlers. 🙂

The lovely and elegant Miss M, who after arriving at her cousin’s house this Thanksgiving, immediately appropriated the best kids’ chair in the place. Seriously, we worried that she’d try and drag it home with us. 😉


It’s the Pink Puffer Coat girls!

That would be Sunshine and her cousin of the same age, burning off energy at the playground on a rather chilly day after Thanksgiving. We didn’t stay out long.

Miss M and her littlest cousin know exactly what to do on the day after Thanksgiving!


The boy brings me his LEGO guy and said: “I put the girl’s hair on him and made him look like Luke Skywalker!”

He has a point.


I’m a genealogy nut. I love learning the history of our family and was thrilled in high school to have a look at the extensive genealogy my uncle was compiling of my dad’s side of the family. We’ve been in this country since the late 1700s and I’m in the ninth generation. There has been an ancestor or current living relative in nearly every war this country has fought. After our wedding I learned that I wasn’t the only one with relatives in Indiana. Haus Meister’s mother’s family–whom heretofore I had assumed were as Southern as can be–had ancestors that lived in a little town not twenty minutes from where I grew up. One of them was a Quaker who left the church to fight in the Civil War–even in the local battlefield hereabouts–writing home very often and distinguishing himself enough to earn a promotion to First Lieutenant before the war was over (I confess I’m a bit jealous. My Civil War ancestor wasn’t as illustrious). He then came home, resumed his Quaker religion, became a county assessor and died in 1917. I heard that Haus Meister’s late grandfather had spent the time on our wedding weekend to go the little town and see the house where his own grandfather had lived and presumably visit the graves of his family. I found the house myself on a previous trip, but until this time we didn’t know where the cemetery was that the Lieutenant rests in. Thanks to findagrave.com (how’s that for a macabre name!), we learned that not only the Lieutenant but his son and grandson–Haus Meister’s other direct relations–are buried there. So we made time this weekend to try and find some of them before Mass last Saturday. Fortunately, we found the Lieutenant and his wife.

Now that we know where to go, we’ll do some more family history and find the others next time.

And for some REAL on a somber note, please click this link for something that affects anyone related to a person with disabilities, particularly children.

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