Yarn Along: The Gandalf gloves *finis*!

 I took these pictures last Wednesday fully intending to link up but never did. I completed the second Gandalf glove on the highway as we headed north to spend Thanksgiving with my family.

This is what the glove looked like at 12:30am the day of our departure, pretty much just as Anastasia with Yul Brynner and Ingrid Bergman finished streaming on Netflix. Like the stitch markers? They are my favorites. I found them at Frost Lane on Etsy.

Here’s an amusing look at the finished product. I’m modeling it while sitting in the passenger seat of the van as we headed up the highway. Well, technically we’re stopped at a rest area when I finished it. I brought a skein of Knitpicks Swish in Squirrel Heather to make another pair of gloves (I was on a roll) and finished one but I am going to frog it as I think it needs another inch of ribbing. The Swish had a lovely look to it and I am pleased with the way the glove knitted up, I just wish I had knitted that extra inch. Meanwhile, there is another project in the queue I need to start in time for Christmas. More on that next week!

Incidentally, my project bag is a small tote I purchased from Georgiepie on Etsy and I was not reading North and South even though it was on my dashboard. It was on my dashboard because my sister-in-law returned it to me probably some time in October when I was picking the kids up at her house. I just kept forgetting to bring it inside. I have read three more Wodehouse books that may or may not appear under the tree this Christmas, deviously hidden behind the jackets of other Wodehouse stories so that Haus Meister wouldn’t know I was reading his gifts. I’m bad that way. It was an irresistible temptation. 😉

Oh, and Haus Meister completely revised his original opinion on fingerless gloves and wore the Gandalf pair any time we were required to go outside in Indiana. He thinks they are perfect for our Southern winters but if we go back up next Thanksgiving or any other wintertime, he wants me to either knit him full mittens or fingerless ones with the tops that can fold back. I love it when I hear someone in my family say, “Can you knit me this…” It makes me happy.

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