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During the week I did finish the Master Bedroom Challenge. The only “hotspot” left is part of the top of Haus Meister’s dresser, but he was out of town on business and there was mail waiting for him that I didn’t want to risk being turned into scrap coloring pages or paper airplanes if left in the usual unlocked areas. Yes, we lock our bedroom during the day. Why? See indelible marks left on walls. I’m getting blue paint for my birthday in January! Huzzah! Other rooms need attention before then. Also, there has to be some room in the house where one can keep the breakable objects, right? So, it’s our room.

The icon on my bookcase (Haus Meister made me that bookcase, incidentally) is supposed to be on the wall with the other two, and will again when we get the back hook fixed.

Quilts make great slipcovers, don’t you think? The chair came from his late grandmother’s estate and the quilt covering it was made by my (happily still living) grandmother. His late grandmother made the quilt that covers the wine rack as a baby blanket for Haus Meister 32 years ago. We have the backing showing because it needs repairs, and there’s no wine or wine glasses on the rack. It was probably the most impractical anniversary gift we gave each other. But at the time we only had Trooper and found out the day he bought the wine for the rack that Jacob was expected. Now it has a new life as a side table in our room.

I know I’ve blogged the top of my dresser before–probably the very first {P,h,f,r} in which I participated. Unfortunately this is probably the cleanest it has been in a long while.

Thanks for the challenge!


Earlier this month we realized it had been a year since these critters came into our house.

Pippin and Merry. Shy, sweet little puppies. You could already tell that Pip is the energetic one and Merry is the snuggle puppy.

One year out, it’s hard to get them to stay together for a picture, unless it looks like this:

Merry is the *ahem* stout one on the left. Pip is on the right. If I try to get a picture of them outside, they run over and mob me and won’t stop jumping. They don’t sit on the couch together too often, preferring to hog choice corners or in an individual chair. They are typical brothers, competing for attention and in Merry’s case, the first bite of everything. But we love our crazy hobbit dogs.


The LEGO catalogs are being devoured over here in preparation for the annual Christmas wish list. Rascal especially liked this fellow.

However, as the project is a little too ambitious/expensive/involved for him right now, I encouraged him to look at other LEGO sets. However, he was determined to build this so he had me download the instructions and he began to build it from our own pieces. About 15 steps in he realized the enormity of the task he had undertaken and decided to curtail it.

Rascal’s Mini R2.

His dad designs robots for a living. Daily I am reminded that this son is practically his father’s clone.


Life with Miss M.

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  1. I think you can request some from the LEGO site, or maybe we got them because I ordered from there last year. I can’t remember now! 🙂

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