Yarn Along — 1 Glove down, 1 to go!

Ah, it is good to be here. Let us build three booths.

heh heh, sorry. I’m just pleased to report that Gandalf glove #1 is complete. I just need to work on the second of the pair. 🙂

My loving husband did oblige me by modeling the glove for the picture, complete with props that wouldn’t be too out of place in the Shire. 😉 No, he did not light the stove especially for the picture, but we liked the backdrop.  After he saw my work, Haus Meister did in fact begin to admit that the fingerless gloves might have some use–especially driving a car on the rare cold days we have down here. I think he’s afraid if he likes it too much the gloves might end up in his Christmas stocking. He’s probably right. 😉 I plan to cast on glove #2 tonight. I’m rather pleased with the ribbed wrist; you can’t see it in the picture, though.

I’ve been doing some more British reading. My sister gave me The Cranford Chronicles last year. I enjoyed “Dr. Harrison’s Confessions” and “Cranford”–in fact, when Princess was born a friend loaned me her paperback copy of Cranford. I must have read it three times cover to cover before we left the hospital. That being said, I find “My Lady Ludlow” to be a downer and I didn’t actually enjoy the Cranford film adaptation very much. There’s enough in Cranford itself to make its own movie, but why did they need to combine three novels? Oh well, just my two cents. I’m currently in the middle of a biography of Beatrix Potter

2 thoughts on “Yarn Along — 1 Glove down, 1 to go!

  1. Aw, c’mon, in what other show do you get to see two old ladies fretting over lost lace and forcing a cat to crap in a boot? Hehe. Seriously though, I’m rather of the same mind, but it is not as bad as “Return to Cranford”, that was gloom fest.

  2. The cat episode was in the Cranford novel–classic! I agree about the sequel movie. Mom was watching it when I was visiting and after she told me of the unnecessary cast kill-offs and the total departure from Gaskell’s plot, I left the room. No desire to see that one.

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