Ages and Stages

If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a dozen times….

(Hmm. That could count for a lot of things–anything from “don’t eat chips in the living room” to “quit provoking him!” to “did you remember to brush your teeth?”)


If I’ve said it before, I’ve said it a dozen times, I seriously love watching the individual personalities of our children blossom as they grow. The boys will probably later hate that I used the word “blossom” in reference to them but actually tonight’s post is about dear Miss M, so they can just cool it. πŸ˜‰ I’ve never been able to pin down an age that I like “the most” with my kids. I like the newborn-6 mos “immobile stage” where they are content to nestle next to you and if you have to put them down, the baby stays where you put him/her. Perfect. I love the 6-12mos stage where they start to babble and sit up and explore the world but still need you for most of it. Skipping ahead, I love the chubby 2yr old stage and the preschool stage where they can actually dress themselves and are becoming more self-sufficient and this elementary school stage seems fantastic as I see imaginations take flight, reading becomes more fun, new adventures beckon on the horizon, and more responsibility is given (and sometimes willingly accepted). That being said, I’d have to rate the 12-18mos age as one of my favorites. The baby still comes back for cuddles and hugs, but their personality is coming out in spades and with walking comes independence and confidence and enough messes to make one wistful for those first six months again. The messes are not necessarily my favorites, but you get the picture. πŸ˜‰

I joked with Haus Meister tonight that we could definitely class our children in two groups. The first group are the kids who take life as it comes to them. They do not seek to be any older than they are at present, and may even sometimes still want to be babied a little. There are two definitely in that category. The other group wants to be older RIGHT NOW. Rascal may wish he was big enough to own the LEGO sets specified for ages 12+, the ones with multi-thousand pieces and working technology. Princess constantly wishes to be bigger so she can do things like her big brothers (watch Star Wars Episode IV–some scenes skipped; go to Scouts; ride her bigger bike, etc).

Miss M, I’m convinced, is also in the latter group. She pushes a wooden high chair across the kitchen to “help” me as I make meals–and that (groan) includes climbing into it and using it as a step stool. Once I remove the sharper utensils from the clean dishwasher drawer, she will grab a fork, toddle over to our silverware drawer, open the drawer, and throw the fork in. It might not always make the slot specified for “forks,” Β but it’s in there, and she’s already back across the room for more utensils. She has her own high-pitched voice that she uses to “talk” to her dolls and even to real babies, as we found when we Skyped my sister’s family and she saw her new cousin. She carries her sisters’ Bitty Baby dolls around, patting them on the back and giving hugs. If someone is reading, she grabs a book and sits with them, pointing to her pages and babbling at us to make sure we see that she is reading. She sings and she has a little dance that she randomly breaks into when she feels like it. Tonight after her bath, Princess chased Miss M down so she could brush her baby sister’s wet curls. This of course made the curls all poofy and hilarious, but Princess just wanted to be sure her little protege was well-groomed. Miss M spent the next ten minutes alternately “reading” with Princess and then trying to brush her (Miss M’s) curls again with the back of the brush. She then found my brush and brought it over to me. I wonder if she was telling me to spruce up? After all, Princess is still theΒ arbiter elegantiae of the house, and Miss M is quickly heading down that path as well.

In fact, the thought has crossed my mind that little Miss M firmly believes she’s actually 3 years old, or something like it. πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Ages and Stages

  1. So adorable! I can’t wait to see Miss M and all of them at the end of next month! I haven’t seen her walk yet!

  2. Oh you’ll see her walk, run, and climb, I guarantee it. πŸ™‚ we can’t wait to see all of you either. πŸ™‚

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