Still looking up….

I just wanted to thank those of you who commented on my blog post last Friday either verbally or otherwise. One problem with “keeping it real” is that within about 15 hours I felt like a huge whiner and just wanted to delete the post off the face of the earth. But I didn’t. I do want to add that I never expected homeschooling to be the One Perfect Goal to Shelter My Children from All Imaginable Evil. That’s not why we do what we do. Perhaps some of you thought it odd that I should have been so cut up that a special needs nearly 9yr old was shunned or that a 7yr old got his feelings hurt. I do want to clarify that I wasn’t cut up because “oh, we’re homeschoolers, that should not happen amongst us!” No, I was cut up because I’m their mom. And I feel their hurt.

Meanwhile, we did have a glorious Fall weekend and we did manage to take a bunch of random family pictures for the annual Christmas card, none of which made the final cut. I did make the unfortunate comment to my husband, “Well, we can rule out the formal backgrounds,” as I browsed Shutterfly, unaware that he had just taken a drink. 😉 Upon recovering he instantly agreed. I do have a couple of shots that I will print for the family archives. I have a scrapbook someone gave me in 2004 and in it I put each year’s family picture, and there’s a slot for every year until 2o24. It’s hard to imagine right now how our family photo will look then. I hope we are all going to be facing forward, at least! Or goodness–will we even have photos then? For those of you interested, in this year’s card I chose a layout that had enough picture spots for each of us (without looking like the Brady Bunch) and fortunately the children all obliged me by smiling individually for the camera. And I did it this early because it was on sale! Yippee!

We have a fun week ahead. I’m going to make pumpkin pancakes in the morning and we are going to begin putting up Thanksgiving pictures. Thanksgiving has been forgotten by the commercial decorating world, except for those monstrous inflatable turkeys you see in people’s yards. I rather miss plain autumn decor in stores, you know? Luckily I have my stash from college still out, and I need to bring up my pilgrim candlesticks. Rascal is going to finish out a level of reading this week, a big triumph for him. So no, if I’ve been away from the keyboard it’s not that I’m still having a bad day. It’s just that we had a couple of good days, and now things are as always still looking up. 🙂

P.S. I did call the funeral home on Saturday and reported the missing vase from Jacob’s grave. The kind gentleman did ask me whether the vase was gone or perhaps just inverted. I felt for a second like the lady who calls the Geek Squad when really her computer was unplugged, but I confidently asserted that “Um, no, I could stick my hand in the hole that was left there.” Whereupon he instantly said “aha” like the game was afoot and told me to call back Tuesday when the boss would be in the office. So, we’ll see where this goes.

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