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I took this picture from out of my van window heading out of our subdivision. I love living here.

Pretty Happy

I’m glad I already put pictures of our other trick-or-treaters up on previous {p,f,h,r} posts as last night they left in shifts and I didn’t get a picture of all of them at once! Haus Meister had to work late so my father-and-sister-in-law, who live about two blocks away, came over and took the middle set out. They had made it to the first house just as Haus Meister pulled in. Fortunately there was still someone at home waiting for Daddy’s help.

raiding our candy bowl

The red dress had been made for Princess’ 3rd birthday by my mother-in-law. I think it suits Sunshine just fine.

Off they went, a wee princess escorted by her king.

And when I turned back to the door….


….this face greeted me.

This pumpkin costume has been worn by every child from Trooper to Miss M except, come to think of it, Princess. I first saw it in Gymboree at a mall in 2003 when I was barely 20 weeks pregnant with Trooper. I didn’t even know he was a boy yet. All I knew was that I loved that costume and I wanted it as bad as any pregnancy craving. I rationalized that there wouldn’t be anything so cute available next year (a prediction luckily that came to pass) and so one night I found myself with time on my hands and went to the mall and nabbed it. Fortunately it is size 6-18mos so I knew our baby would fit in it. If Trooper had arrived in March, his due date, he would be about 7 mos so I figured we’d be good (as it was, he was born in December but still wore the costume just fine). Unluckily, the store clerk noticed that I had “SUCKER” all over my forehead and as I was the only customer in the shop, she gleefully persuaded me to purchase not only the costume (including hat) but pumpkin socks and an outfit to wear UNDER the costume. I chose a set of black sweats. Then I went home, gulping. I had spent $60! And that was not the most affluent time in our life, either. Haus Meister indulged his wife, though, and did not insist on my returning anything (although he hasn’t really let me go into one of those shops alone again). The sweats were worn by all the boys and worn often. They lasted better than anything bought at the Big Box stores, and I think they are even now in the box saved for a future son or nephew. And the pumpkin costume as I said was worn by 5/6 children. I doubt any other Halloween costume has had it’s money’s worth like that. 🙂


I’m a little hypocritical this time of year. I have begun my Christmas gift shopping, and am making lists and checking them twice. All the same, I do wish that the retail world would allow us Thanksgiving, at least!!!! Couldn’t it be like the 1947Miracle on 34th Street when everything Christmasey begins on Thanksgiving or the day after?

Not BEFORE Halloween???

(click link for photo; it’s not one of mine)

3 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. love the pumpkin costume- if one stays away from bleach or paint, gymboree clothes are worth it in the hand-me-downs

    about Christmas shopping- I try to finish everything by November 15th (Byzantine Catholics start Advent then)- so Advent is more spiritual…but it is not easy

  2. HA–November 15th is usually around the time I begin my surreptitious listening to my playlist of seven versions of “Veni Veni Emmanuel” (in Latin & English), so now I can justify it by saying I’m in sympathy with our Byzantine brethren! 🙂 That is my favorite Christmas carol/Advent hymn, and I always end up turning it on in advance of the first Sunday of Advent. I’m a little impatient that way.

    Gymboree can last except for glue, paint, and scissors. My little Sunshine destroyed four nice handmedown clothes in the space of a week this summer. Sometimes I think the boys were better at handing down their toddler clothes than the girls!!! Honestly! I didn’t have to buy clothes as often for Dino as I do for Miss. M!

  3. I stumbled upon your blog from LMLD and I love the LOTR reference. My husband and I are fans!!! I love the pumpkin costume and the story that accompanied the picture.

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