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In my last post I was already talking Christmas, so I thought I’d reassure folks that I am still very much enjoying autumn.

My front door wreath all decorated for autumn. I love this wreath. My aunts gave it to me at the bridal shower they threw for me nine years ago. It was too big to go on the door at the Old Haus, but I kept it anyway and now I can update it every season. It’s a lot of fun that way.

My kitchen sill, also decorated seasonally. 🙂


I recently got around to downloading pictures from our big camera and found this one of Trooper watching the 4th of July Parade. He is the happiest kid I know.

Someone else is pretty happy around here, and that’s our newest shoe maven. She and Princess will be the sisters who go shoe shopping together. Miss M brings me her boots and then instantly plops down on her bottom, stretching out her little feet so I can put her boots on. She then stomps around admiring them. It brings me back to Princess and the pink shoes.


Our Halloween costumes are in! We didn’t end up doing the Tintin Thompson twins after all. Rascal is a Pirate of Penzance and Dinosaur is himself. I found that costume by happy chance on sale at The Children’s Place (online), and never was there a better costume for my youngest boy.  He will still be sleeping in it come Christmas, I’m sure. And the hat? It’s worn constantly. We had to remind him that he could not wear it to church.


In case you haven’t heard, there will be a new little girl in the Haus this March! When we found out at the sonogram, the first thing I did was order more calendar cards from SarahJane. She’s discontinuing some of her stationery, so I wanted to be sure I had March! Everyone is over the moon about the new sister coming.

 Aaannd I still need to get these in frames….

4 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. We put our costumes in a big bin in the downstairs closet for dress-up year ’round. It’s probably the best thing about Halloween (except for Reece’s PB cups)–the new costumes that show up and the old ones that get reused. 🙂

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