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I admit I’m lifting some of these pictures from my sister’s blog, mainly because during the baptism my hands were full of Miss M and I didn’t think it kosher to try and whip out my phone for pictures while listening to Fr. Richard’s exhortations to parents and godparents. 😉

The newest little Catholic in the family! And the baptismal gown that is now worn for the 11th time since my grandmother made it for my aunt.

Watching leaves fall.


Rascal holds his baby cousin. He’s going to be a great daddy someday.

The kids were quite happy when I brought home the bag of mellocreme pumpkins. Then they broke into the bag and invented some sort of strategy game with them. I’m still unsure what it was all about.


Not sure how well those oars would work….

Cousins playing at the Children’s Museum. The preschool area, with waterplay of its own and plenty of smocks to go around, was closed for renovation and repair (yes, I lifted those words from a Thomas episode). So the little girls played in the big kids’ water area where they soaked themselves so well that they left wearing brand new pink dinosaur shirts, an expensive reminder to always pack a spare for kids 3 and under. 😉

This is how most of us saw Sunshine during our Museum visit:


Before we left for home, my sister wanted to get a cousins picture to celebrate the occasion. Instead it took two parents and a grandma and much coaxing to get this.

Am beginning to despair about taking our annual Christmas picture soon….

And yes, that one boy is living in that cloth knight’s helmet lately. Until his Halloween costume comes in….

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