Yarn Along–Hello Baby Sweater edition

Today I finally get to do something I’ve been planning on doing, and I’m linking in to Ginny Sheller’s Yarn Along!


I finished the Hello Baby Cardigan from the Spud and Chloe blog! This was a christening gift for my newest niece and goddaughter. At time of press it is actually still too warm in Indy for her to wear it, but that will change. I used some leftover yarn from my stash of Lion’s Brand Wool-Ease, and the buttons are from this Etsy store. It is always a temptation for me to visit that store. I usually tell Haus Meister he can buy out a few sets and put them in my Christmas stocking, and I will actually use them. Eventually. As you see. 😉

This week I continued my rampage through our P.G. Wodehouse shelf. I finally tallied the number of tomes at 48! I’ve read 46.5 of them. Leave it to Psmith was this past week’s read, and this week I’ve managed The Clicking of Cuthbert and The Heart of a GoofThe first one mentioned is a favorite. We have the Overlook copy as well as an antique copy I found for Haus Meister while we were dating and gave to him one Valentine’s Day. It was the first non-Jeeves and Wooster story I’d read by Wodehouse, and yes, I read it cover to cover before I wrapped it up. I’m bad that way. 😉

Currently on the needles is a project that I haven’t taken a picture of yet, but shall when I get around to it. I call them “The Gandalf Gloves.” Stay tuned!

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