{pretty, happy, funny, real}

Back again with a working phone and enough pictures to make a passable post (that was not the case for last week’s linkup).


A Princess received her Halloween costume in the mail yesterday. I was very pleased with how it looked–I don’t usually buy from a magazine–but no one was more pleased than Princess.


I tried my hand at “Heidi braids” on Sunday. The end results were satisfactory and gained me some Mommy points with the younger set. 😉



A girl in her favorite spot in the yard, happily digging and filling the dump truck.


A Dinosaur among dinosaurs.

Pretty Happy Funny

The Picture of the Week


Let no one underestimate the happiness of a baby who finds she’s climbed into the right high chair at the right time.



No comment.


The Perils of Homeschooling


Mom! The Baby is attacking my Math!

And yes, Miss M climbed up there all by herself. She’s a monkey.

One thought on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. I have a monkey too! She just turned three so she is more of the get-into-the-glue-and-scissors kind of monkey. But she does enjoy sitting on top of the table. Especially when we are home schooling. 🙂

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