When it rains, it pours….

It was warm in the house last night.

Now of course, you’re thinking, “yes, Haus Frau, of course it is warm. It is fall now and most of the states in the union are in sweaters.” But see, we’re not in one of those states. In fact, we still would like our air conditioner working. I thought I had just kept the windows open too long, and that also because the kids suckered me into making chocolate chip cookies, the late in the day oven heat didn’t help either. But no, Haus Meister looks outside and informs me rather disgruntledly that the a/c wasn’t even turning on, although the thermostat was recording valiant yet futile efforts to regain the desired comfort level.

We just had the air conditioner cleaned and refreshed about a month and a half ago.

Tonight after work Haus Meister takes a closer look at the unit and finds that the fuses have blown. So he takes a contingent of children to the hardware store while I take a contingent to the grocery store, and then we rendezvoused home. I had the satisfaction of seeing staple items back in my pantry. He had the ill luck to see the brand new fuses blow immediately. A new compressor? Oh joy…

Meanwhile, before leaving on our expeditions I noticed condensation on the milk cartons in our fridge. Opening the ice box, there was frost on all the frozen goods. And not the usual kind, either, thank you. I just assumed it was due to the fact that Sunshine has a bad habit of coming along and randomly opening both doors. My husband gives me a look–the “yep, you don’t know much about appliances do you,” look 😉 –and indicates a rummy sort of sound coming from the unit. “I don’t like the sound of that,” he says. So we’re still in the process of diagnosing this problem. We’re in luck because after we moved here some friends gave us their old fridge, which is in the garage. It was supposed to be tinkered with and transformed into a lager cave for Haus Meister’s homebrewing purposes, but so far it’s been handy when family and friends visit or when we get that extra bunch of stuff at the farmer’s market–not to mention the extra gallons of milk required to sustain the family because our upstairs fridge cringes at the thought of harboring more than two gallons at a time. So I know if this thing dies we can always haul the old fridge upstairs. Figures that the 30 year old fridge works better than the 10-15 year one.

But gosh, we didn’t really want to contemplate buying a new refrigerator.

And we would really rather it get cold already so we don’t have to call the a/c guy again this summer. Or fall. Or whatever season we’re in.

And did I mention this all hit while I was suffering the annoying effects of getting less than five hours’ sleep last night? So what do I do? I plan projects for myself. I start mentally allocating the stash yarn in my “studio” toward various and sundry projects to beef up the stock in my sadly neglected Etsy store. Never mind that the Etsy store was put on hold because I found myself writing the sequel to Joy in the Ordinary — less than three chapters from the end now (however, I do have some things I did over the summer to put online, but I haven’t gotten sufficiently adequate pictures of them yet). Never mind that I am two sleeves from finishing my niece’s sweater. The more projects the merrier! Ambition makes me feel better! (ok, that might be a stretch, but it’s nice to plan all the same).

Because when it rains, it pours.

3 thoughts on “When it rains, it pours….

  1. You guys have my sympathies. We had the unpleasant surprise of having to buy a new van this week (back to two car payments a month! Ick!). We sure do rely on that technology. I hope your A/C is back in business soon!

  2. A new van trumps a/c troubles. You have MY sympathies! 😉 On the plus side, the fridge is okay now. Whatever issues it had was solved by a tweak of the settings, or so it seems. On the minus, Haus Meister had to replace the alternator and rear brakes on his car. On the plus side, that last one was still cheaper than a new refrigerator.

    I feel like Bertie Wooster labeling his credits and debits. Man, I need to put the Wodehouse down for a while. 😉

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