Happy Happy Happy

So my phoneless week has come to a happy ending. Having received the magical toolkit in the mail that would enable my intrepid husband to perform surgery on my phone (since Apple, of course, has its own special tools), he sat down this evening and returned my phone to perfect working order.

And I am SO glad.

Of course, I was lucky we had a spare phone for emergencies. Choosing to use a cell phone as a home number does have the disadvantage that if you drop the thing and it turns off seemingly permanently, you’re out of luck. But our land line had its sketchy moments, too, so the upshot is that technology stinks, but darned if we aren’t so used to it.

I was in a blind panic lest someone be trying to reach me about Trooper’s therapy appointment (what if it’s cancelled), or any other appointments that I might have forgotten (it is possible, that). Or what if I was missing an important call from a friend? Luckily my sister had been apprised of the situation and called Haus Meister’s cell with the big news of our baby nieceling. In the end there were just three calls–the confirmation of Rascal’s dentist appointment that we didn’t forget about anyway, my mother calling to see if the phone worked, and my in-laws calling as they returned from vacation. A bit humbling but relieving to know that I’m “really quite a little fellow in the wide world after all.”

One thing about my phone that I have definitely missed is my camera. Oh my. I came to the conclusion that I wouldn’t be able to capture 95% of the photos I do with my camera-attached-at-the-hip if I had to rely on our big wonderful Nikkon all the time. My subject matter moves so quickly. I have to be able to keep up! Which is why there was no {p,h, f, r} post today–I took one picture this week with the Nikkon and that was it. I shall have to remedy that now. Miss M has adopted three of her sisters’ dolls and is quite adorable lugging one around at a time.

But that’s another post.

Three cheers for Haus Meister, Fixer of Technological Breakdowns.

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