Maybe I’m not ready to buy on Craigslist….

Recently Haus Meister and I have been revisiting our old plans to buy a half-share of beef from our favorite local USDA approved grass-fed beef farmer. We’ve been regular customers from him for a good two years now, if not more, and we could probably be on first name basis if I could recall whether I had actually ever introduced ourselves. His dad sells his own garden produce at their spot in our farmer’s market, so this summer when we didn’t need meat we’d still go over and get some green goodness. The two of them were highly amused by Dino and his John Deere hat, as well as Dino’s constant request for sausage whenever we visited their area. This guy also sells the BEST sausage, but not in bulk so we’d still be able to go visit them a couple times a month.

Anyway, when we moved here we fully planned to get a large chest freezer and begin bulk-buying our meat, as it does turn out to be cheaper in the long run although you do lay out a chunk of change at the outset. However, as 2011 rolled on and our old house didn’t sell like we were told it would (still renting), and we had that toilet pipe fiasco that led to a basement overhaul (paid for by insurance, fortunately–but we added a woodstove since we were already remodeling anyway), the chest freezer idea was abandoned until later.  Now it looks like it might just be “later.”

In the interest of saving a buck I decided to take a gander on Craigslist to see what’s out there. The first listing promised the best freezer ever, but neglected the important aspect: dimensions. The second listing looked better. An older freezer, pretty dinged up on the lid but seriously capable of storing probably a whole cow and not just half. Not sure about the energy ratings, however, and it did remind me of a comic I cut out of the paper umpteen years ago when the Papa Grizzly is bending into his freezer and the thought balloon above his head reads: “Sigh. That’s the last of the Mohicans.”  I still snicker about that one.

So I moved down the list of possibilities until I came to this one.

Whirlpool 18ft freezer. Good shape. Will trade for hand held things that go bang.

At this point I called off the search. A trip to Lowes sounds better all the time.


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