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 So, I skipped the link-up last week because I was pouting. Yes, that’s true. A week of staying up late at nights reading P.G. Wodehouse novels was causing me to sleep in and lose my precious writing time in the mornings. Last Thursday was no exception, so today I’m happy to say I’m over my little snit and back in photographic action. Plus I know where next to turn the plot of the sequel, which is always comforting. Now, bring on that writing time!


Cupcakes are how we usually roll for birthdays (Rascal’s LEGO cake and Haus Meister’s Bakewell Tart being the exceptions recently), so I plunked down my change and got a tiered stand for them. These are the cupcakes for Princess’ birthday this past week, if you couldn’t tell by the Meri Meri cupcake toppers. I saved all the toppers for future events, by the way. They are too cute to be a one-time deal.

I called these our “Sleeping Beauty” cupcakes because of the icing. Storebought again–after the obscene amount of red food coloring in Rascal’s cake, I wasn’t going to try and make my own or even color my own icing. So I got a tube of pink cupcake icing and blue cupcake icing and went around the cupcakes saying “Make it pink,” “make it blue,” ala Flora and Merriweather from the Disney’s Sleeping Beauty dress-making sequence. My sis-in-law got to help me with the icing as well so I had her laughing a bit. We merged some of the pink and blue together because of the moment when the fairies’ magic converges into a splashy pink-and-blue mess on the dress.

The pearls are from King Arthur Flour and I even suckered myself into getting the Princess Cake and Cookie emulsion which, if you like a slight lemon, slight wedding-cakey taste to your cakes, is pretty darn good. I preferred it over the almond extract I used in the last cake by about 150%, but then again I’m no almond extract lover either.

And Princess simply raved about her cupcakes, by the way.


Happy Birthday Girl

My girls’ month-of-birth cards from Sarah Jane Studios. Now to get frames for them!


Sunshine finds great joy in her “ragamuffin rag dolls,” as I call them. These dolls fit great in her hand and have all sorts of adventures and misadventures. They are so well loved and so well-washed and  so well-travelled that I’m almost sorry we ever gave her any other kind of doll. The sunbonnet doll was my gift for my first birthday, so it’s been around. The other little doll was a gift to Sunshine that didn’t fare well one day when a little puppy found it. However, it’s too loved to toss so one of these days I’m pulling out my fabric scraps and giving it a makeover. I guess that fits in as “Real” too.


Some cautionary tales.

#1: Never buy a candle at the store when your nose is stuffy. I fell into this trap Tuesday when the weather finally gave us a hint of Fall again. I looked at some generic wooden wick candles and thought one smelled fall-ish enough so I got it. Upon arriving home I discovered that the multitude of other scents in the candle aisle must have masked this one a bit because although there was a hint of woodsy scent, there was something a bit odd about it, too. Haus Meister hit the nail on the head by informing me that my candle smelled like someone rubbed Old Spice deodorant all over a log, and was now burning it.

Epic candle fail.

#2: If your daughter asks to take a picture of you on your phone because she thinks you look so “pwetty” in your pink shirt (actually coral), resist the temptation to hand it to her. The phone might drop as it transfers back to your hand, and not turn back on again.

Oh, and it’s my house phone, too.

Epic common sense fail!

4 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. The cupcakes are just lovely and I could’t agree more about saving the toppers AND the need for a cupcake stand. You have to love a birthday girl in shades. 🙂 I love those month-of-birth cards and must look into getting some. Your candle caution is classic! 🙂

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