Acting up

It was a lovely evening today as the kids went out to play after dinner. The humidity is so much less these days so we all feel like going out of doors, which is completely opposite to how we feel from the end of July through August. I had stepped out to check on the gang, and paused on the top deck to admire the way the sunset casts beams of light through the trees. It still looks like we have a substantial forest behind our house; by November we’ll be able to see the neighbors’ houses down the hill again. 

My reverie was soon arrested by the sight of yellowed paperback book pages fluttering on the ground below. The rest of the book was neatly placed on a red playsilk not far from a tree. I called for Rascal and Dinosaur. I knew it wasn’t Trooper or Princess and although I wouldn’t put it past Sunshine or Miss M to tear apart a book, I also knew that Rascal and Dino had been acting out scenes from The Adventures of Tintin: Red Rackham’s Treasure (the book and cartoon, not the recent movie), and they had been using the red playsilk.

Rascal answered the summons. I pointed out the pages, what was left of a ratty old paperback Wodehouse tome that as far as I know hasn’t been published in our favorite Collector’s Wodehouse edition yet.

“So, what’s all that?” I ask. It eventually came out that they had seen the book on the kitchen table and decided it was perfect to act the part of ‘Old Documents.’ So Dinosaur had torn up the book and they had brought it outside to ‘discover’ in the ‘shipwreck.’ 

I called them to task for tearing up a book–a no-no in any circumstance–and reminded them that we keep an abundance of scrap paper for the purpose of drawing and coloring and yes, even playacting. Rascal went down and picked up every last page and recycled it. Dinosaur did his own bit to clean up.

And now, looking at my book in the bottom of the recycling bin, I’m admiring their ingenuity and trying very hard not to laugh. Hey, the pages do look like old documents!

2 thoughts on “Acting up

  1. Ha! Reminds me of when my dad and his two older brothers were little- they built an airplane outside (probably also inspired by tintin) and invited my Grandmère out for a ride. She was all excited, until she realized the boys had used a rare 1600s Latin bible for the pilot seat!!!

  2. Haha, I would have cried! I am so attached to my books, even though I have given away many, many times. Which is why I’m attached to the ones I have left. I grew up reading TinTin comic books in Switzerland…only he was called Tim & Struppi (Struppi is the dog’s name). Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day and leaving an encouraging comment. I have been wanting to re-read Joy in the O. b/c I miss it so. I hope book 2 is coming along. =)

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