Costume Drama

Good news! Dinosaur announced today (sort of) that he isn’t going to be a MOOSE for Halloween this year. I was kind of glad to hear that because my crafting time is nil for another couple of weeks.

Instead, he and Rascal decided they were going to go trick-or-treating as these guys.


“To be precise”, the Thompson twins, or Thomson and Thompson from the Tintin comic series.

Now finding the bowler hats might not be hard, courtesy of Amazon. Finding suits, also not hard. Thanks to Wal-Mart purveyor of cheap clothing. And anyway, these two could stand to be a little dressier from time to time (yes, you, oh Dinosaur of the John Deere boots).

But what worries me about this costume idea…

….the canes. Something tells me the canes would be a bad idea.

Just my sixth Mommy sense in action.

Still, I’m kinda disappointed that I couldn’t send one of them ’round as Captain Haddock.

“Blistering Barnacles!”

2 thoughts on “Costume Drama

  1. Rose would definitely approve. She loves Tintin. Her current plan for Halloween is to go as Zita the Spacegirl, so I’d better figure that one out!

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