{pretty, happy, funny, real}

We very much enjoyed our three-day weekend! We didn’t go on vacation or anything like that, but we had lots of fun in the kitchen.

Pretty Happy

On Labor Day we had a big birthday celebration for Haus Meister, whose birthday was technically yesterday but it was easier to get extended family together on Monday. In recent years it has been pretty easy to plan a party for Haus Meister because the fall issue of Victoria arrives about two weeks before his birthday, and they usually dedicate that issue to Britain–meaning great recipes in the back. So what does a guy get out of something like Victoria? Well, starting in 2009 it was Beef Wellington and this year it was Classic British Pub Fare. Fish and Chips, made on our stove. This Ploughman’s Platter:

Or at least our take on it. With all the other sides we had so much food that I didn’t need to bring out the grapes and apples! And that’s not the Pullman loaf the recipe called for but instead a 10-grain cereal bread made with the latest addition to my kitchen arsenal–a Zojirushi bread machine that is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

For dessert I made a Bakewell tart, also from the magazine.

That thing was so good. It was gone by lunch the next day. Also pictured is the latest addition to our Wodehouse collection. I will easily wager we have at least 30 of these editions in our downstairs library. I should count that sometime. Anyway, Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves was one of the first Wodehouse books I ever read, Haus Meister having introduced me to these in college around the same time he introduced me to Tolkien. We’re glad that Overlook finally published this one.

Autumn Happy

I also spent part of our weekend pureeing some pumpkin that we’d picked up at the local farmer’s market. I saved about 8 cups of the orange goodness for pies and Thai cooking and bread.

I should add that I saved 8 cups after Haus Meister borrowed some for his homebrewed pumpkin beer, which would be ready next month.

Happy Funny & Real

Farm Boy received some much needed new boots….

….and wears them everywhere. This picture was taken at our local apple stand. They sell the best cider there. We’re regular customers from September through Christmas (when they close). In recent years they’ve opened in August but I hold off until my personal official First Day of Fall, which is always September 1st regardless of the actual equinox.

Oh, and someone likes to play hide and seek in the furniture.

Bonus Gratuitous LEGO picture

I found this guy on the floor the other day. Again, it’s one of those that I know there’s a story behind but I don’t know what that story is.

I do know that the dynamite came with part of the LEGO City Mine vehicles that Rascal received for his birthday. This fellow is probably about to be fired from the mine, I think….

2 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. That Ploughman’s Platter looks great. That is our favorite kind of picnic fare, but I never think of it for eating at home. I hope he had a happy birthday.

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