{pretty, happy, funny, real}

A little bit of our life this past week.

Pretty Happy

I am inordinately pleased with how Rascal’s cake turned out. Another year I might not use so much icing–or so much red food coloring–but the effect was enough to please the multitude. As were the random assorted minifigs. The LEGO brick candles we found at the grocery store.

LEGO birthday aftermath, courtesy of Rascal. I think the Aztecs on bikes behind the caravan is a nice touch.

That’s a bottle of non-alcoholic sparkling berry juice in the background, leftover from the celebration. Just thought I’d mention it.

Happy Pretty

Sisters playing together before the day really begins. I have no idea how sunglasses, UNO cards, and kitchen set items relate to each other, but these girlies are enjoying each other’s company and I’m loving it.

Funny Real

Mom is called away from the dishwasher after unloading, returns to find John Deere wants to help, apparently. But by the time I returned, the little hand that put him there had also disappeared, so I’ll never know exactly is going on here, but that’s okay. Sometimes it’s better not to know.

His was not the hand that put the tractor in my dishwasher, however his wardrobe might indicate. Here he’s telling me that he’s being a pirate. I wanted to tell him he looked more like a Borg, and if he called himself Locutus he’d really freak me out, but he wouldn’t know what I was talking about anyway. And if you don’t know what I’m talking about, I apologize. You can google the Star Trek wiki. It is too late at night as I write this for me to go through that site to find a link.

In other sci-fi randomness…

I went to a party last night for a young lady about to enter a convent. It was a fun party with fun people and it was a little odd going there without any of my children. It was a novelty for them to see me without any of my children, too. Haus Meister did just fine with all the kids, as I knew he would, and Rascal helped tremendously. I think part of Rascal’s helpfulness might have had a slight ulterior motive, for this was the scene that I met with as soon as I arrived home (all the littler ones were in bed). That’s classic Star Wars: Episode IV, some scenes skipped for the late night and age of viewer. We only own the original trilogy.

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