Theological Tangles

Yesterday morning we loaded up in the van and headed out to our weekly homeschool co-op day. As usual, Trooper requested that I start the van right away (he likes the roar of machinery) and that I turn on the music right after that (he likes the music). Our CD of choice probably from now until Christmas is Songs of Praise by Danny Schneible. Seton uses it in their kindergarten curriculum but really it’s good for all the kids, and unlike 97.6% of all children’s cds, you can listen to it over and over again and it doesn’t wreck your nervous system. Plus Haus Meister and I went to college with Danny. And that’s my plug for it. 

There is a song devoted to Mary on it, and one line goes: “Jesus will give her all that she asks, at her feet our troubles we leave.” The kids have of course heard this song a thousand times this summer but yesterday Rascal decided to find an issue with it.

RASCAL:  (shouts from the far back of the van) “Mom, why are Mary’s feet troubled?”

ME: “Oh, they aren’t, dear. That’s just a fancy way of saying we tell Mary what’s bothering us and she takes it to Jesus.”

RASCAL: “But he’s talking about someone else!”

ME: “Um, no dear, this song is about Mary.”

RASCAL: “It can’t be. He says Jesus FORGIVES her.”

And I’m thinking–Score! He remembers that Mary was sinless hence in no need of forgiveness like the rest of us. 

ME: “You heard it wrong. He said Jesus WILL GIVE her.”

RASCAL: (ego challenged) “No, Mom. I’m right. He said FORGIVE.”

ME: (launching into fruitless argument) “Sorry, it is ‘will give.'”

And just as Rascal was about to continue the ‘is not’ ‘is too’ stuff I had been silly enough to fall into, Dinosaur effectively derailed the conversation.

DINOSAUR: “I want to turn into a moose.”



5 thoughts on “Theological Tangles

  1. Laughing out loud! 🙂 haha- so Dinosaur wants to turn into a mouse? So he can scurry away from his brother’s arguments, perhaps? Kids say the greatest things!

  2. Not a mouse–a MOOSE. He’s been interested in the animal ever since coming home from New Hampshire, where we saw Moose Crossing signs but ne’er a moose.

  3. He is totally random. That’s why he keeps us continually laughing.

    He also tells me he wants to be a moose for Halloween. Creative costume ideas, anyone?

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