{pretty, happy, funny, real}

 Another week speeds by! Health is generally improved around here, and we’ve managed to get back into a bit of routine.


Fabric!! I guess this also could go under “happy” but here it is. It’s for Princess, and the pattern I want to use for it is in the mail. Huzzah! This is from the new “Out to Sea” by SarahJane for Michael Miller fabrics (don’t I sound like an experienced crafter saying that?), and it is the first time ever I’ve bought a fabric the day it debuted. But unless Sarah Jane designs a princess with that cute redhead as model, there hasn’t been a more absolutely meant-for-my-Princess fabric in the four years I’ve sewed for her.


This little charmer

is 7 today! Happy Birthday Rascal!

You keep us all laughing and smiling. Your ideas about life and how things work are intriguing and shows more and more that you have your Daddy’s engineering mind. We are so proud of our big guy.

And remember to keep those LEGOs away from your ever inquisitive audience… 🙂


It’s tough being a corgi. So tough.


“Help! I’ve climbed and I can’t get down!”

It happens nearly every time someone leaves the main bathroom door open. Such a curious little climber. She stands there and shouts until someone comes to her aid.

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