A not-so-subtle hint

While on an errand today I made mention to anyone that happened to be listening that it certainly was cooler this August than usual–at least, the humidity seems less.

ME: And I’m glad, because I’m looking forward to Fall.

RASCAL: Aren’t you looking forward to my birthday? It’s coming soon, you know. (The only future event on his mind right now)

ME: Of course, I’m looking forward to your birthday! You saw all the icing I bought this weekend! (Not having icing luck lately) I just love Fall, that’s all. I’m looking forward to cool weather, to sweaters, to apple ciders, to….

DINOSAUR: (interrupting) I’m looking forward to the Donut Store.

Effectively derailing that conversation. The Donut Store was not a stop on our itinerary, no matter how much he hinted.

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