{pretty, happy, funny, real}

I missed last week’s link-up owing to what I thought was a lack of pictures in addition to a perceived lack of time. I’m going to hurry and join this week before school starts at 8:30.

Pretty Happy

Fresh peaches, freshly canned

Eggs from the Farmer’s Market. I like that no two are identical. I also like that random light colored one in the midst of the brown.  Last week we had a blue egg from them.

Happy Pretty

We were playing at a friend’s house when Princess found the dollhouse of her dreams. I thanked my friend for making Christmas very easy on Ol’ Santa this year.

It was hard to get a picture here–the subject kept moving. Sunshine needed a new pair of Sunday shoes and since I took Princess along for the shoe shopping (what was I thinking?) I left with two pairs of “sparkly shoes” for the big girls. Oh well, every girl deserves a sparkly pair of princess shoes, right? I remember my obsession with clear jellies that had silver glitter in them when I was 4-5. They were my own personal pair of glass slippers. Probably far more comfortable, too. Anyway, my rough and tumble Sunshine proved her innate girliness by LOVING these shoes, and wearing them every chance she gets.

Funny Cute

Making Baby laugh

Real Funny

After finding this fellow on Charlotte’s blog, I knew I had to get it for Haus Meister. Of course I could have just bought it loose on Amazon.com, but I was in search of minifigs for the top of Rascal’s birthday cake (coming up in 14 days), so I ordered a bunch from the LEGO store. When the box arrived I locked myself in my room and opened the little red bags like a kid at Christmas. To my great joy, I’d gotten him.

Haus Meister was highly pleased and amused (we agree that the tape on the glasses is a nice touch, although Haus Meister wears his tapeless). He declared that the little guy needed to be in his office.

He went there the next day, where I presume he is helping with design difficulties.

Picture by Haus Meister, all rights reserved

And yes, we still have plenty of minifigs left over for my planned cake design. 🙂

3 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Cobbler? Ooh–it’s a thought! I just wanted to have some on hand when my Dad visits and also to spruce up dinners every so often. I can’t complain, but typically the kids inhale all produce within the first weekend after grocery shopping, so it’s nice to build the reserves. 😉

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