I’m offended!

ACLU, you offend me.

So you decided to defend Sec. Sebelius in a lawsuit pending regarding the HHS mandate (already offensive to my religious liberty) but now you are saying you’re doing this because otherwise women are unable to contribute to society.

Excuse me?

From Catholicvote.org:

In their brief filed with the court, the ACLU argues that providing free birth control and abortion drugs are necessary to allow women to fully participate in society. They conveniently don’t mention that these drugs and medicines are already widely available at virtually every drugstore in America. But that’s not enough.

To fully participate in society…hmmm… So as a non-contraceptive woman, am I not a valuable participant in society? As a writer and an Etsy store owner am I not giving something of my talents back to this world? In raising my children and giving them and my husband a safe home to live in, am I not doing society a service?

Do I have to be on Ortho-evra to make a difference?

What an insult to womanhood. You deserve to be disgraced for treating us like that.

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