Prehistoric Plans

The other day I was getting Miss M ready for bed, while Dinosaur was sitting nearby chatting with me.

DINO: Mommy, when I was a kid…

(I always tune in quickly to these insights, especially since he’s still very much a kid)

DINO:… I turned into a dinosaur. WHOOPS! Then I died, and turned into bones.

ME: Thanks for that one, sweetie.


I should explain that he’s fascinated/obsessed with the dinosaur exhibit at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, which features a good deal of dinosaur skeletons (real and fabricated). It’s not the wooly Mammoth from Southern Indiana that impresses him as much as the display of two Tyrannosaurs attacking/being attacked by a Triceratops. This prompts interesting thoughts such as:

DINO: Mommy, the triceratops is MEAN.

ME: Why is that?

DINO: He was attacking the meateaters!

Somehow I’ve never seen it from that point of view.


Another day:

DINO: Mommy, we’re going to plant one plant tree for the Tyrannosaurus. That way he can eat at least ONE plant.

Nice to add some vegetable to the Lizard King’s diet.


Last night:

ME, speaking to Haus Meister about the day: ‘And then Dino tells me, “Mommy, when I grow up, I’m going to turn into a dinosaur and then die and turn into bones.”

HAUS MEISTER: Son, we need to work on your ambitions here.

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