Concerning the Hobbit… again

My sister called me this evening with the news that her husband had just read an article (confirmed) that there was so much footage for The Hobbit that it would be released as a trilogy.

My thoughts went as follows:

  1. Oh NO, it’s hard enough waiting for the first one!!!
  2. Well, there is a lot of stuff going on in the book if you think on it….
  3. Hey, I now have three guaranteed dinner and movie dates with my husband! (We rarely go to the movies)
  4. What does the Hobbit blog say?
  5. EGAD! A new hobbit video blog already!!! (Some crude-ish humor in it, very brief, and not in the movie itself.) A glimpse of Dale, (gasp), Radagast (gasp gasp), and BEORN’S HOUSE (gasp GASP gasp). And where do we see the trailer they showed at ComicCon, because I sure don’t remember seeing the Stone Giant in the first trailer!!!
  6. How long is it until December 14th?
  7. And have they released a hint of the soundtrack yet? Single of the Dwarves’ chant?

YES I am a certified Tolkien geek. You couldn’t have been reading this blog at all without coming to that conclusion, what?

2 thoughts on “Concerning the Hobbit… again

  1. The Tolkien geek is me is screaming with glee (mostly on the inside of course)!!! I want to live in Dale, spend Christmas at Beorn’s house, oh and totally take random trips to visit Radagast. Hehehe, “I’ve never worked on such a hairy movie.”

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