{pretty, happy, funny, real}

 It’s been a busy week around here as we move furniture and get ready for the new school year. Haus Meister found me a set of old metal filing cabinets that were larger than I thought (this is not a complaint) so we had to be creative with our space to make things work. I should have pictures of the end result by next week. Of course, I forgot to take a “before” picture, but there it is.


The kids have been making stepping stones. When they are finished, we’ll put them all here near our Mary Shrine.  Rather eclipsed behind Mary right now is my new rosebush from the Antique Rose Emporium. It seemed to weather that hot snap pretty well.


My sideboard is back in the kitchen and being used again, instead of being tucked away in the former dining room being a catch-all. Of course not all our bowls and plates are on it when I snapped this picture (dishwasher) and now above the napkin basket hangs the Pie Girl print from my cousin’s Etsy store. I’ll try and have a picture of that soon, too. 🙂

I am real happy to be using this again like we did in our Old Haus. Having the plates at kid level make them much more willing to help set the table and while the flatware (in the top left drawer, excepting knives which I keep in a high cabinet) is disastrously placed also at kid level so that the spoons and forks are inevitably mingled by a 2.5 year old on a daily basis, it still isn’t much of a problem to quickly find the utensil you need. 😉


Playing dress-up.


If I ever wonder just how those muddy footprints got onto the side of the playhouse…. (footprints visible on the second board from the bottom)

7 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Lovely. You know, I have been checking craigslist, and even there, pieces of furniture along the lines of your sideboard are going for a pretty penny! Lucky you!

  2. We are pretty lucky, if I say so myself. We have a warehouse store in town that imports things like the sideboard from England and Wales and sells it at pretty decent prices. Most of our furniture comes from there, picked up as needed. So I guess our house is outfitted in midcentury British. 😉

  3. I desperately want a sideboard! Yours is lovely. I’ve been searching kijiji (Canadian craigslist) and Leila is right- they are going for some big bucks.

  4. We *try* to keep the sideboard free and clean now… we’re better than we were when the sideboard was in the other room. Right now there’s a small paper pile on the top left corner of bills ready for the mailbox, that I should probably take care of now so I don’t ruin my reputation here… 😉

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