Too Much Time on my Hands

That’s not true, of course. There were a million things I could have been doing two nights ago. I could have been working on Chapter 5 of my sequel. I could have been knitting washcloth 5 of 6 that are overdue to my sister for her anniversary in April. I could have continued the morphing of our main floor family room into a classroom. I could have been reorganizing the kids’ schoolbooks now that they arrived in the mail. I could have put laundry away. I could have mopped the kitchen floor.

But I didn’t.

Instead, to show evidence of the utter vacuity of purpose I gave to the precious hour or two of downtime granted to me each evening once my darlings are off to dreamland, I took inspiration from the blog of a friend of a friend…and created my superheroine avatar….

Watching over the hearth since 2003

I was too self-conscious to post this the other night but now I’m laughing at it. Very blatantly Barbie-mutant-figure issues aside, my hair is actually longer and darker than that, and I’m only holding a torch because Marvel didn’t provide frying pans (“Frying pans! Who knew, right?”). And I’m seriously disappointed because they also neglected to have an oven mitt as an accessory. A torch was the only thing that came close to cooking. Let’s pretend I’m about to light a fire in the outdoor cooking pit that we don’t actually have. And in the pearls I don’t own.

Oh, and I know next to nothing about Marvel superheroes or heroines. So don’t ask me why I even did this, except maybe to give my sister a big laugh. Did it work, Kiddo?

I think that’s going to be my author picture on Amazon.

Nah, better not.

2 thoughts on “Too Much Time on my Hands

  1. Love the pearls, it’s a nice touch of Barbara Billingsly from ‘Leave it to Beaver’. She always wore pearls. 😉

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