Reduce, Reuse, Re-?

This evening Dinosaur and I were getting the recycling ready to take to the overstuffed bins in the garage. I handed him a cardboard box full of the shredded paper and some newspaper that had helped pad this year’s curriculum that we received today. Dino happened to look at an ad on the paper.

DINOSAUR: Hey–hey, that’s a tractor!

I looked. Sure enough, it was. Next to it was a livestock health ad.

ME: Do you know, I think this is a farm newspaper.

DINOSAUR: (flustered) Well, well then, you can’t RETRASH this!!

2 thoughts on “Reduce, Reuse, Re-?

  1. HA!! The things that boy says makes me laugh out loud 😀 “re-trash” love it!
    I must say, we run into the same problem in our fam- any “help” with recycling and we end up keeping “precious treasures”- such as toilet paper rolls and newspaper pics ;)-

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