The Castle


Earlier this month, Haus Meister had to attend a conference HERE. At that beautiful ski resort. So we made another amazing road trip of it, which meant we didn’t actually stay in this glorious building, but we weren’t far. Story of the amazing road trip will be blogged as soon as I conquer the mountain of laundry that inevitably follows any vacation. Anyway, a shuttle bus drove up to our door and whisked Haus Meister away in the morning and brought him back at night. Occasionally, we tagged along. But this building, of which the above is a back view, was enough to provoke awe in the younger set (not to mention those of us who could appreciate 1910 beauty). Case in point:

DINOSAUR: (saying quite matter-of-factly as Haus Meister drove up to the hotel to get our check-in info) The castle is our home now.


On the last day we were there, Princess got to attend the historical tour (thanks to Grandma and Aunt tagging along with us). She reveled in the luxury, truly to the manor born. Case in point:

PRINCESS: Mama, call me a shuttle.

ME: Um…why do you need a shuttle?

PRINCESS: So I can go to the castle and twirl (twirls for effect–and did I mention she was wearing a tiara?).

ME: Oh, I see. Well, I don’t know about the shuttle, dear. It’s almost your bedtime.

PRINCESS: (aghast) And I don’t have a princess dress!


Home again, Princess proudly looks at the lunchbox I bought for her homeschool co-op days. Rascal initiates her in the protocol of lunchbox ownership.

RASCAL: See, [Princess], you can use this box when you go on trips to store LEGOS or even food!

(he used his for LEGO storage on this trip)

ME: That’s right.

PRINCESS: Yes! Yes! We can go back to the castle and I can take this with me and I can dance in the castle with a bea-yew-ti-full dress and flowers in my hand!

Before I could respond to this, Dinosaur gleefully adds his two cents.

DINOSAUR: The castle has DONUTS!!!

(I don’t remember that. I guess he does.)

3 thoughts on “The Castle

  1. So adorable!! I love it 🙂 oh yeah, and I totally understand the mountain of laundry stuff- we just got back yesterday.

  2. What wonderful memories they will have. Dinosaur remembers that we ended the tour in the breakfast room near the food table where they were still serving breakfast of sweet rolls, fresh fruit, the whole nine yards buffet style. Rascal wanted to stay and eat, but I told him we had to go.

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