Tomorrow we celebrate this great and wonderful country in which we live.

I mean that; we do live in a great country.

Our country is an amazing diversity of landforms; natural beauty is around us no matter what corner of the land we happen to be visiting. The people in our country are an interesting diversity of ethnicity and cultural backgrounds, all contributing to the fabric of America’s tapestry. All play a part of what makes her great.

Some Americans are descendants of people who were brought here unjustly, whose freedom was taken from them and made to work and treated no better, sometimes worse than animals. Eventually the slaves were freed and no man now can enslave another in our land.

Many Americans are descendants of those who left the Old Countries to seek freedom–freedom to educate their children without fear of reprisal, freedom to seek work and a better life for their families. Usually, people flocked here because once this country was founded it became a safe haven for those who wanted to freely practice and hold to the beliefs and tenets of their religion.

And now, here in this country, the freedom of religion is being threatened. Are you tired of hearing about it? Do you think it doesn’t apply to you because you’re not Catholic? If one person in this country is wrongfully denied their lawful freedom, then we should be angry. We should stand up in their defense, because if it happens to them today then it happens to you tomorrow.

Whether or not you believe in the use of contraception is not as material as whether you believe that our government should overreach its own ability to impose fines on the Catholic Church and other religious institutions for not abiding by this unjust mandate. Hospitals will be affected by this. Schools and colleges will be affected by this. Charities will be affected by this–charities that already help millions around the world by responding to disasters with medical care, food, and true aid (and by that I mean without first demanding that the areas receiving aid also receive condoms and “family planning” programs–as if that helps after a famine, earthquake, war, hurricane, you name it).

We are told to just forget what we believe, what Catholics have held for centuries and yea, what even Protestants accepted as late in history as the 1930s. Forget and submit, or even just accept an unacceptable “compromise” wherein the government can decide which charity, school, institution of higher learning, hospital, and even church is “religious enough” to be granted exemption from fines and penalties. That is NOT freedom of religion. That is coercion.

And why must we do this? Why must we bend or lose our freedom? We are told so that health care may be more affordable since less undesirable or unwanted children will be born.

Say again?

Our freedom is violated so that less children cost this country money?!?! Are we animals? Are we commodities to be bought and sold like this? Is there no other way to save money on health care than to make sure less Americans are born and contributing to the country in the future?

What gave us the right to decide this?

Who gave us the power over life like this?

And what is to come if the mandate passes? Who is next to be sacrificed to supposed “economy”?

How does this keep America great?

That is why we will not bow, nor will we submit to this.



3 thoughts on “Tomorrow

  1. I’m with you, Theresa! ( Oh, and I love your book!) ( and the blog!)
    Aunt Mary in Cincinnati

  2. The day has come when good is called evil, and evil is called good. There’s still time in this country to stem the tide, and hopefully the silent majority becomes less silent. Soon.

    Uncle Diatribe Guy

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