Another coupon and a wee bit of a spoiler

Firstly, the coupon:

I rather like the look of Lulu’s coupons. Anyway…

The spoiler! I’ve already mentioned my original inspiration for Maloneys Pub, but the main setting for the sequel came from a tiny picture of an old house in some blog, and then I had to find something to match it with a floor plan so I could imagine the layout. One evening I hit the jackpot when this jumped out at me:

In “Joy in the Ordinary” this would be Mr. Hindley’s house. Wouldn’t you want to housesit for the guy and have the run of this place for a few weeks? They knew how to do pantries back in these days.

Now of course in the sequel I add some things here and there that don’t go with this blueprint, but it was fun looking through pictures of Queen Anne homes and trying to find “just the right one.” I linked back to the original site through the picture, if you’d like to see more. It’s like window shopping, or house-hunting without the mortgage woes. 🙂 This is the fun part of novel writing! However, I won’t tell you why this is going to be the main setting for a portion of the book, although if you’ve read the first story you can rather guess that one.

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