Pondering Projects

In my e-mailbox today comes an ad for a Fall (!) line of home decor that included a duvet cover with Princess’ name all over it.

Well, not really, of course…

The more ruffles the better, is our Princess’ motto. Mind you, she’s still the self appointed resident arbiter elegantiae who tried to persuade me to buy myself pink pants instead of khaki capris. Anyway, after looking at this a moment, the thought struck me: Could I make this?

The answer is yes. I could. Anyone who can hem and gather could feasibly create something like this. There’s a number of other questions that follow, though.

Could I sew a cover like this? If yes, then:

  1. Would I be sick and tired of making tiered ruffles when it was done?
  2. Would I be so sick and tired of making tiered ruffles that I would never make the tiered and ruffled dresses for which I have patterns?
  3. Would the cost of the material to make this exceed the $160 price tag of the premade item?
  4. Would she be so appreciative of my work that she keeps this thing on her bed for years–yea, even unto packing it for her college dorm?
If the answer to 1-3 is ‘yes’ and 4 is ‘no,’ proceed to sewing cabinet and look at patterns for which you already have the material. Now go ye and sew.
If the original answer to the question is ‘no,’ the above suggestion also applies.

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