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Haus Meister hashed out an Ethiopian style dish for all of us one evening. It was fun and delicious! You use those bread rolls as utensils, by the way. Technically everything on that platter disappears by the end of the meal.



The recent bout of illnesses mentioned in yesterday’s post necessitated a trip to our pediatrician’s fun new office.

Some of us could have stayed all day.


funny real
Corgis (ours, at least) do not like collars. When Merry and Pippin came to live with us we found them a pair of nice English leather collars. The corgis appreciated those to the point of chewing them off each other’s necks. After last weekend’s walk in the park I thought to try harnesses to see if the corgis liked those better–this way we could actually walk the dogs! Novel idea. So anyway, I find these comfort harnesses….

And the dogs instantly feel humiliated. Pippin was not going to put up with it for long.

He chewed through his in fifteen minutes. I didn’t give Merry the chance and took his off to save for vet trips, etc. Oh well!

6 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, funny, real}

  1. Hahaha! Our first corgi mix was named Fredegar Bolger but we called him Fred for short as Fatty didn’t apply when he came to us. I’m sure we’ll someday use Samwise and Frodo and Hamfast (the Gaffer) and Bilbo and who knows!

  2. Love the dogs’ names! I had Ethiopian food once in a Toronto restaurant, and it was delicious! Do you have a connection to Ethiopia?

  3. No, no connection to Ethiopia. My husband came across an Ethiopian restaurant on one of his trips and liked the food so much he googled recipes when he got home to try and cook for us. We’ve been introduced to Indian Naan and tandoori foods that way as well as Thai. 😉

  4. Well, at least your doggies are buddies – chewing the collars, etc. off each other! How helpful, LOL.
    Our cat didn’t care for it at first, but she got used to it.

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