So, what we thought were bad colds became for some of us VERY bad colds! I got the bronchitis diagnosis, Haus Meister not much better, and everyone else we’re hoping can stave off the worst.

Our schedules are a wreck. Haus Meister is working remotely as his voice is nonexistent, not to mention he’s pretty wiped out. Aside from coughing fits I can at least talk and get about. The kiddos are weathering everything fine except the ban on swimming (they can’t go without us, and we’re in no position to be in a pool).

Altogether i think it was easier to be sick as a kid. When you’re a kid, Mom is always there to make things great for you while you recover. When you’re the Mom and you’re sick, unfortunately you can’t just drop everything and recover.

Of course this is neither here nor there, just me checking in to say we are really alive out here, just quarantined.

2 thoughts on “Bronchitis

  1. Oh dear! I hope you’re all feeling better soon. I think that being a sick mommy is just one of the worst things: all the suffering of illness combined with the exhausting responsibility of caring for the other stricken family members.

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