Make Haste!

The crisp new paperback copy arrived in the mail yesterday, waiting for me to sign it and ship it to the lucky winner of the giveaway on Elizabeth’s blog (so hurry and sign up for it if you haven’t yet! A free book is a great way to kick off summer reading, right?).

I was thinking this morning as I sat to update the blogs after a busy week’s hiatus that I really owe a lot to the encouragement of my husband.  He’s indispensable to me in the writing process, helping me to keep my chin up when I’m in a bind, vetting the rough draft to make sure I’m keeping the plot ‘real’ (my personal request), helping me carve out the time to write in a household that hums from sunup to sundown.  And not to mention the indirect inspirations he gives me (i.e. the homebrewing episode).  If you’re wondering why I’m gushing like this, today is our 9th Wedding Anniversary, and today of all days it comes home to me just how blessed I am to have him in my life.

For now and always.

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