{pretty, happy, happy, real}


Found in the front yard after a thunderstorm.


We finally got our first batch of strawberries from the farm market stand!  I did not have any lack of helpers–or should I say snackers?

Happy x 2

When my parents came down they brought this little wooden kitchen set that Mom found at a garage sale for $3 (!!!).  It has been the Toy of the Week and it’s so nice to have a proper spot for all our Melissa & Doug foodstuffs.


My new dryer arrives today.  I am so happy.  I appreciate the nostalgia of hanging clothes on the line as much as anyone, but nevertheless a working dryer will be most welcome!  At the risk of airing a First World complaint, my old dryer broke over a month ago.

Hello and welcome to those who are stopping by from Elizabeth’s review on In the Heart of my Home.  It has been such fun “meeting” so many new people and catching up on those I already knew. 🙂  And thanks to all who helped put Joy in the Ordinary on the top 25 Religious Fiction purchases in both Fiction and Romance categories on Kindle yesterday.  I’m humbly grateful.

7 thoughts on “{pretty, happy, happy, real}

  1. Lovely photos! LOL about the dryer complaint. Hanging clothes to dry on a clothes line sounds romantic, until you have to actually do the work 😉

  2. Especially as in this house I don’t have a clothesline; just two drying racks that can only hold a load a day. That doesn’t get this family that far… so fortunately my mother-in-law who lives nearby has been drying our laundry for three weeks. Still, it’s not the best long term plan. 😉

  3. I had a clothes line that I used at our last home. We had a dryer too, but I didn’t use it often. Since we moved, I haven’t had a clothes line put up. Much as I like them and love the way clothes smell, it is a lot of work! I came over from Elizabeth’s blog for just a moment and have stayed over an hour. I’m definitely bookmarking you. You’ve made me miss the days my children were little. Thank you for sharing about your family.

  4. After reading Elizabeth’s blog post about your book I immediately ordered it for my Kindle. Looking forward to getting lost in your book, since I like Elizabeth haven’t read much fiction lately. God bless you.

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