A hello and a THANK YOU!

A continued welcome to those who are stopping by from Elizabeth’s review on In the Heart of my Home.  It has been such fun “meeting” so many new people and catching up on those I already knew. :)

And thanks to all who helped put Joy in the Ordinary on the top 25 Religious Fiction purchases in both Fiction and Romance categories on Kindle yesterday.  I’m humbly grateful, and hope you are enjoying the read.

5 thoughts on “A hello and a THANK YOU!

  1. So ready to order and enjoy your book, Joy in the Ordinary, I read about on Eliabeth’s blog through Barbara’s Praying for Grace blog. You “young ones” inspire me to keep busy. Thanks!

  2. I am here from Elizabeth’s blog and wanted to say congratulations on the book. I will be adding it to my Amazon wish list, as I too do the super-saver shipping buying! I have been blessed by Elizabeth’s writing for a few years — you couldn’t have a better recommendation.

  3. Thank you for stopping by! Yes, I’m quite humbled to have her recommendation. It’s been a joy “meeting” so many people. What part of NoVa, by the way? If by that you mean North Virginia (covering my bases here), I’m a Christendom grad so I have many fond memories of that area. 🙂

  4. Ah, Front Royal is lovely and I hear nothing but good things about Christendom. I’m in the Fredericksburg/Stafford area of yes, Northern Virginia. I feel very blessed that God brought me to the Arlington diocese and into the Church here. I’m enjoying your blogs, thanks for sharing!

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