Bug Hunting

Rascal and Dino went with Haus Meister on a Cub Scout campout this weekend.  The rest of us stayed home and enjoyed the company of my parents, who got away for a somewhat relaxing weekend here. 🙂  When our intrepid Scouts returned home, they brought with them their BB gun practice targets.  Being as I am not the most genial soul toward the more pesky of our insect world, I was highly amused by this target.

Dinosaur’s is on the left, Rascal’s is on the right.  Dino’s rather a dead-eye; he was a tad more accurate than his older brother.  Remind me to steer clear of him when the water fights begin this summer. 😉  About the targets, though….  I have nothing against moths (so long as they stay out of my stuff) or ladybugs, and the latter shouldn’t be on there, I think.  But roaches and mosquitos?  No quarter to the enemy, boys!  😉

My apologies if you are fond of them, but those roach images are about enough for me to try some target practice of my own.

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