Crazy Week

Welcome to everyone who has stopped by courtesy of our ad on In the Heart of My Home.  I’m thrilled to be a sponsor there for a few months, as Elizabeth’s blog has been a lifeline for me at times since I discovered it four years ago.  I hope you will continue to visit here and that those of you who were so gracious as to give me business (thank you!) are enjoying their reading.  🙂

In Book News:

  • The good news: I know how the sequel starts!
  • The bad news: A power surge knocked out my computer.  I’m not writing anything on it until we get a surge protector and a backup disk.  So until I find a piece of scrap paper to jot down the ideas, I’ll keep running with the plot in Mental Notes.

Myself, I have to cut out early tonight.  The first round of summer colds hit, and all eight of us have some form of it.

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