Two weeks before Joy went to editing I had a eureka moment with the plot.  Ironically, my husband’s homebrewing hobby ended up influencing me a lot more than I ever thought it would, and I don’t mean that I drink and write. That’s not how I work (I drink afterward, trying to get formats arranged for all the different self-publishing types.  Just teasing).  In any event, I found myself in that downtime when the kids’ school is done and before I had to start making dinner  researching the difference between nanobreweries and microbreweries and texting my husband regarding the same.

The next day my husband comes home from work with an article about a nanobrewery opening in our town.  As I was still revolving most of the ideas regarding that part of the story in my head at that moment, I nearly turned on him and asked him what in the world was TAKING him so long? Competition is already creeping into town–why doesn’t my husband get a MOVE on and open his dang brewery?!

Then I remembered which reality I’m truly in, and we had a huge laugh about it.

But it’s scary when that happens.

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