Foiled again!

We’d heard a little bird tweet that our favorite farm stand would be selling strawberries today.  I packed the kids into the van and hoped to be there by 10:45am, 45 minutes after I thought they’d open but still morning nonetheless.  Last year I kept trying in the afternoon, and they’d always be sold out by then.  Yet today, as we pulled up in front of the stand, the only thing we could see was a large yellow closed sign.

They had opened at 9am, and were sold out within 90 minutes of opening.

Fortunately the morning was not entirely wasted and Rascal had fun rattling off school facts in the van.

Still, I’m going to have to be up there before 9 next time the news goes out.  Homemade strawberry preserves are one of the things that makes our world go ’round, ’round here. 🙂

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