Acting Up

I wasn’t having the best day yesterday.  The news made me feel cynical, one of the kids decided to exercise free will to an outrageous extent, things piled up here and there, attempting to catch up on a blog I hadn’t read in a year opened a proverbial can of worms and all in all left me at dinnertime in quite the Boromir mood, as I put it.  Reference: movie Fellowship of the Ring, Boromir tells Aragorn “I do not see it; it is long since we had any hope.”

But despite everything there most certainly is joy and hope and laughter in this life.  Trooper is doing very well with a new workbook program I found for him.  He was assigned one page (front and back) yesterday but did three more full pages voluntarily, even though he knew that the assignment was all that stood between himself and the chance to play outside.  More, when I asked him if he was done, he made eye contact with me, closed the book and handed it to me with a sort of smile.  Those looks of his make my day more than anything sometimes, although hard to describe just why.  I guess it’s because I know he understands us, I can attempt to explain to people till I’m blue in the face that he understands us, and here he is showing it.  He knows he’s a big boy, and a smart kid beneath it all, even though it’s blasted hard for him to express it with his delays.  There’s a line in Ben-Hur that we quote about him, and yes I know it’s about a horse, but hey, it’s good.  “Steady Antares, like a rock.  You will be our anchor.”  He is our Steady Antares, and he can be our anchor at times. 🙂

And on a lighter note, Rascal, Dino, and Princess were hopping around the house yesterday pretending to be “chocolate bunnies.”  I didn’t know chocolate bunnies could hop, but these apparently could.  Dinosaur, resident actor, kept it up a while longer than everyone else.  He was still at it as he followed me downstairs while I tended to some laundry, and then when I was going upstairs again ahead of him he called out: “Hey, don’t leave your cream-filled chock-o-lit bunny behind!”

That Dinosaur.  He always takes a role and embellishes it further.  I love it.  My absolute favorite though, was when he was out in the backyard digging and told me he was a “ERTL die-cast toy Jawn Deere toy excavator.”  We can’t be just an excavator, after all, no, it has to be an ERTL die-cast John Deere toy one.

That’s why I’m smiling now.

5 thoughts on “Acting Up

  1. I had a grumpy day here yesterday, too. Now that we’ve hit May, Rose has decided that she’s just about had it with this schoolwork stuff. And yet, we must press on for a few more weeks. We had a great, but exhausting weekend with Rose’s First Communion being on Sunday. Ben got sick on Sunday night, and we had someone coming over on Tues and Wed to fix our kitchen floor–which meant no kids allowed in the kitchen. My consolation in all of this was to realize that Maggie has started saying “I forgive you” whenever she wants to comfort someone. And I realized that this means she hears this often and sees that we use it to comfort each other. So, even though there’s lots of stress and fighting at times, there’s also that. 🙂

    Hope your day is better today!

  2. Keep smiling girl!! 🙂 I can definitely relate, though- I’ve had days like this too, where i’m at the end of my rope and then the “baby one” will say “I’m at the end of my little baby rope” and how can you still be grumpy after cuteness like that?!
    And right on Trooper!! You must feel proud!!

  3. Today was much better, Thanks! 🙂 I can hardly believe Rose just made her First Communion! Congratulations! 🙂

  4. And I forgot to add, way to go Trooper! Thanks for the congratulations. I’ll pass that on to Rose.

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